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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tomorrow is the day which every students that took spm last year had been looking forward to. The moment of truth is just hours away from us. This is it! Everything that we did for the last 2 years, or maybe even 5 years is to prepare us for this moment - the day in which we will get our spm result. It will be a day filled with tears - tears of joy, happiness, satisfaction or tears of disappointment, remorse and other emotions thereof. For me, I am feeling quite nervous. My stomach is churning as we get closer to 1oam. No wonder people often described it as having butterflies in stomach.

Anyway, I will just wish all spm10 candidates all the best and good luck in getting your result. However bad or unexpected your result will turn out, don't let it undermine your indomitable spirit in pursuing your studies. After all, spm is nothing than just a more-important-than-usual-tests examination and one that succeeded in getting excellent result in spm might not succeed in his/her future. Well, thats all for now. I'm getting ready to school to take my result!! Wish me tonnes of lucks yeah! :D

with lots of love~:3

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